Brooklyn, New York
Analyst Quick Notes: ATS for small and middle sized employers. Target customers with 50 to 1,000 employees. Bills itself as full hiring platform, but CRM capabilities are light, with more coming in roadmap. Have embedded Zoom video conferencing for interviews. Open APIs to HRIS, background checks, assessments, etc. Highly visual workflow representation.
Number of employees: 26 to 50
Headquarters Country: United States
What world region is the product(s) available AND supported? : Global (All)
Number of Customers: 400+
Annual Revenue (USD): Prefer not to disclose
Publicly or Privately Held?: Private
Stock Symbol (if public): New York
Amount of Venture Capital Raised to-date?: $2.2 Million
What customer market segment is the product(s) intended for?: Small to Medium Sized (51 to 500 employees), Middle market (501 to 5000 employees)

Comeet is a cloud-based collaborative hiring platform that provides structured, streamlined workflows to enable companies to make better hires, faster. The system is based on a team-centric approach that involves the entire hiring team, not just the recruiters.